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Shawn William Byrd

Hi, I'm Shawn William Byrd, Researcher, Scholar, and Research Engineer at SWB Instruments. I have a passion for the unknown.

SWB Instruments supports a full range of creativity. As a forex (FX) product and platform progammer, Shawn William Byrd has the opportunity to direct investments and his own destiny. His ability to freelance as a writer, Shawn William Byrd and ShawnByrdWriter on Facebook, as well as on and, allows him to get opinions and facts on various issues and influence decisions that others find appealing. Open to other scientific and ethereal ideas, Shawn William Byrd has a breadth of knowledge and experience that allows Shawn William Byrd access and abilities not usually available to others. Research and scholarly pursuits are tools and traits that Shawn William Byrd uses daily. Constantly spreading his wings, Shawn William Byrd is applying himself to the endeavor of life-long learning. That's the way to do it! Oh, and if that's not enough, Shawn William Byrd is a family man who passes on life's lessons to others, especially his children and friends.

Shawn William Byrd's Background

Shawn William Byrd's Experience

Research Engineer at SWB Instruments

2013 - Present | Hampton, GA

One of many roles Shawn William Byrd has here is to provide schematic & circuit design services. Incorporating unusual electronics within artful packages is also performed.

Operations Manager at TradeAlliesFX

2011 - Present | Hampton, Georgia

Shawn William Byrd is in charge of brand development, product origination & fulfillment, business strategy and planning.

Shawn William Byrd Manager at Shawn William Byrd

June 1988 - Present | 2502 Hayden Drive, Silver Spring, MD

As a living human being, Shawn William Byrd has been around for some time, and has managed his life-force to the high level that it is today.

CADD Manager at Fox Architects

1997 - October 2007

Custom home & light commercial design & drawings from planning to final construction. Shawn William Byrd also performed infrastructure layout (MPE) & structural design for Oceanfront and Carribean projects. Permitting & Code studies of all types of projects in many different jurisdictions.

Electronics Assembler at Eldon Byrd

1988 - 2002 | Maryland

Assemble, test, and troubleshoot custom electronics & experimental medical devices. Shawn William Byrd was a one-man team.

Shawn William Byrd's Education

Shawn William Byrd's school of life

1988 – 2016

Continuing Education

Concentration: Electronics, Human Interaction, Meta

Activities: Mr. Shawn William Byrd has progressed at a rate that puts him at or above required levels necessary to sustaining a healthy life.

Montgomery College

1988 – 1989

Not yet degreed

Concentration: Management

Activities: AutoCAD, drafting, business

Shawn William Byrd's Interests & Activities

Shawn William Byrd is interested in forex, automated trading software (robots), and the metaphysical sciences. Auto mechanics and homebuilding are right up there, as well. As personal hobbies, Shawn William Byrd pursuits such as electronics, metaphysical devices, and also the outdoors and nature play a vital role in his well-being. Cooking is also a favorite pastime, not just a necessity. Good food, spices, and flavors help to give Shawn William Byrd energy and excitement that makes life fun. Honest pursuits appeal to Shawn William Byrd, such as holding the family together during adversity, legal research, and rooting for the underdog, when deservedly so.

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